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Alaska State and Tax Information

Fingercheck's tax requirements for Alaska.

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Fingercheck requires that all clients register for state and local payroll tax accounts, where they are required to make payments. Employers are responsible for paying all payroll taxes, including the employees’ portion withheld from their paychecks.

This article will provide you with Fingercheck's tax requirements for Alaska and will include sections for payroll tax facts and supported filings. The payroll tax facts section gives more details about Alaska.

The tax ID format will list examples of accepted tax IDs that can be entered in Fingercheck for successful payroll filings.

The new employer rate is the rate that the state assigns to employers who sign up for a brand-new unemployment account. We are also providing the range of unemployment rates the state can assign to a single employer.

The unemployment wage base is the wage limit on employee taxable wages paid during the calendar year that employers are required to calculate and pay unemployment taxes.

The minimum wage is the minimum wage employees should be paid.

The supported filings section provides more details about the unemployment and withholding filings supported by Fingercheck, in addition to details about withholding tax frequencies and new hire reporting.

To be able to fully utilize Fingercheck’s all-in-one payroll services in Alaska, your company must first be registered for the following payroll tax account:

Unemployment tax account with the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Alaska Payroll tax facts

Unemployment tax ID format: ######## (8 digits)

New employer unemployment rate: 1.16%

Min - max unemployment rate: 1.0 - 5.4%

Unemployment wage base: $49,700

Minimum wage: $11.73

Employees pay towards unemployment. Check out Employment Security Tax FAQ for more details.

Alaska supported filings

Fingercheck supports all payroll and new hire reporting in Alaska. A new hire report is submitted for every new hire and employee that you rehired in Fingercheck.


Filing and payment



Contribution Report (TQ01C)


Alaska requires employers include the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes when submitting the unemployment report.

To learn more about SOC requirements, check out How to Add a SOC Code to an Employee.

In addition to including SOC codes, employers are required to include Geographic Codes when submitting their unemployment report. Fingercheck uses the information entered in the Tax Work Location to represent where the employee works the majority of their time.

Check out How to Add Tax Work Locations for more information.

Register for Alaska payroll accounts

Employers will need to register for an unemployment account in Alaska to allow Fingercheck to successfully draft and file your state taxes.

Check out How to Register for a State Tax ID to find out more about working with our partner to submit an employer registration for a payroll account.

Once you receive your tax ID, check out How to Add a State Tax ID in Fingercheck.


Alaska offers employers online registration with MyAlaska. You will receive your tax ID upon successfully completing the online registration.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development by phone at 888-448-3527.

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