Fundamentals of Fingercheck

A comprehensive set of guides to help you start and personalize your Fingercheck experience quickly.

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Attendance Management

A collection of guides to assist in time tracking, scheduling, and labor allocation.

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Employee Management

A compilation of articles to help effectively manage your employees..

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Time Clock Terminals

All you need to set up and use your time clock terminals.

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Rules & Policies

A set of guides to help you create effective company rules and policies.

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4 authors20 articles

Payroll and Taxes

An extensive group of guides and articles for payroll and tax administration.

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Human Resources (HR)

Articles to help you with HR-related questions

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Help for Employees

Articles to help employees navigate and use Fingercheck's Employee Portal.

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Articles to help you create all types of reports in Fingercheck

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Plans and Billing

Articles to help you with billing questions

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FAQs and Helpful Tips

Articles to help you with the answers to frequently asked questions

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Partner Portal

Articles to help accountants learn how to use the Accountant Portal.

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Connect and synchronize Fingercheck with external systems effortlessly.

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Unlock productivity and streamline processes with Fingercheck's automation capabilities.

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A collection of articles dedicated to the mobile app.

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