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Shortcuts: Quick Actions Menu
Shortcuts: Quick Actions Menu

The Quick Actions Menu allows you to quickly apply a wide range of employee actions to multiple employees.

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The Quick Actions menu on the EMPLOYEE tab allows you to quickly apply a wide range of employee actions to multiple employees. Simply select your employees and click the Quick Actions icon. This article describes each function.

In this article, you will learn about these Quick Actions menu options:

Mass Change

Mass Change allows you to make a mass change to all the employees you've selected. This feature is well used by companies whose employees frequently change jobs or tasks often, such as construction companies.

To make a change to Pay Groups, Supervisor, Task, and Location, you first need to create options to change to. Also, note that changing an employee's status to Terminated will not remove the employees from the clock, but simply changes their status to Terminated. However, to keep these employees out of your employee tab, you can switch the filter to show only Active employees.

Send Employees to Clock

Send Employees to Clock sends over your employees' names and clock numbers to the clock. If you have multiple clock terminals, they will display all of them so you can send your employees to the applicable clock terminals.

Send Biometrics to Clock

When you want to copy biometrics from one clock to another, use Send Biometrics to Clock. If you send biometrics before sending your employees, the clock will not recognize your employees. Note that you must use the Download Biometrics option (below) before using Send Biometrics to Clock.

Download Biometrics

If you have multiple clocks, you can download biometrics from one clock and send them to another to ensure your employees' biometrics are recognized on that device as well. 

Exchange Employee Data

Exchange Employee Data allows you to import information such as PTO balances, rates, and employee information. For more information, see How to Import Data into Fingercheck, or reach out to our support team if you need assistance with this function.

Send Self Service Enrollment

With Send Self Service Enrollment, you can invite your employees to sign up for employee self-service if you want them to log into their own accounts and have employee access to the software. After you send self-service enrollment, the system sends them an email inviting them to set up their own account. 

Allow Mobile Punch

With Allow Mobile Punch, you can give your employees approval to make mobile punches, instead of having to go to each employee's profile individually to tweak their settings.

Disable Mobile Punch

With Disable Mobile Punch, you remove the capability of employees to make mobile punches.

Allow Web Punch

With Allow Web Punch, you can enable web punches so your employees can punch in using a web browser (which requires self-service to access).

Disable Web Punch 

With Disable Web Punch, you can remove the web punch capability so your employees can no longer punch in using a web browser.

Require Photo on Mobile Punch

Require Photo on Mobile Punch enables a setting that requires all selected employees to take a cell phone photo when punching in using the mobile app for identity verification purposes.

Auto Load Taxes

With Auto Load Taxes, you can assign a tax work location and load taxes for multiple employees.

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