How to Set Up Web Punch for Your Employees

Follow these instructions to enable web punches for your employees.

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Supervisors who want their employees to use their Fingercheck self-service account to punch in must register their employees for self-service, which allows them many benefits and features, including access to web punches.

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Click the EMPLOYEES tab, and click on the employee's name or number to open the employee's profile.

  3. In the profile, click In the profile, click Self Service under Personal.

  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the Clock In Options.

  5. Check the checkbox for Allow Web Punch.

  6. You can enter an IP address, from which the employee will be allowed to punch in and out. Leave this field blank, if your employee is allowed to punch in from any location. Employees can obtain their IP address by going to (It will be the IPv4 address.)

  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the Clock In Options section and click Save.

For more details, there is a short video guide. More help is available at our Service Desk, which is on the right side of your screen on the web.

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