Fingercheck's many punching methods are what set us apart, especially our modern and convenient ways of punching, such as text punching. Here we outline the quick two-step process of enabling text punching and how your employees can easily punch via text:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Employee” tab. Click on an employee's employee number.

  • Select "Self-Service" from the left sidebar menu. Tick the box next to "Allow SMS Text Punch" and type the employee's mobile phone number in the field where it says "SMS Phone Number." Then click "Save."

Now you have enabled text punching for your employees. All your employees have to do is send a text to 910-714-5869. Since their first message of the day will count as an "In" punch, their second as an "Out" punch, and so on and so forth, there is no need to write anything in the text message. Should they choose to write a message, their message will be documented in the punch notes.
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