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How to Create Scheduled Tasks
How to Create Scheduled Tasks

You can create scheduled tasks to automatically run tasks on a regular basis.

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You can create scheduled tasks to automatically run tasks on a regular basis.

How to create a scheduled task

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Go to the SETUP tab > System > Scheduled Tasks.

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the Schedule Task information section, enter a Code and Description for the task.
    The Code is an abbreviated name for the task. The Description is a short descriptive name. Together, these fields make up the full name as displayed in other areas of Fingercheck.

    You can leave the other fields as is.

  5. Add a task action:

    1. In the Task Actions section, click Add.

    2. In the pop-up window that appears, select a Job Action from the drop-down list.

      The Job Parameters section change depending on what you selected. For example, if you selected, the pop-up appears as shown below.

      Some Job Actions do not have job parameters.
      See Types of actions for scheduled tasks below for the available actions.

    3. Complete the fields.

    4. Click Apply.

  6. Add a task trigger so that the task is sent at a regular interval:

    1. In the Task Triggers section, click Add.

    2. Enter a Start Date and End Date.

      If you want the task to be "permanent," select an end date far into the future.

    3. Select the Time of day when you want the email to be sent.

    4. Select a Trigger Type: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

      The Days field changes depending on the option you select.

    5. Select the Days you want the task triggered.

      If you selected Daily as the Trigger Type, enter 1 to have the task triggered every day.

    6. Click Apply.

  7. Click Save.

Types of actions for scheduled tasks

In the Task Actions section of a scheduled task, you can add the following job actions:

  • Email - Send Email: Sends an email to a designated email address.

  • AUREP - Automatic Email Reports: Sends a report as an attachment to a designated email address.

  • AUMP - Automatic Missed Punch: Triggers exceptions on the time (soft recalculate). Used to trigger certain alert policies.

  • CLNO - Clock Notification Offline: Sends an email to notify whether the time clock is disconnected from Fingercheck servers for a period of time.

  • AUSREP - Automatic Email Supervisor Report: Sends a report to employees marked with Is Supervisor option. Will only send them the employees assigned to them via the Supervisor drop-down on the EMPLOYEES tab.

  • AUSH - Automatic Monthly Employee Schedule: Generates a month of schedules on the SCHEDULE tab.

  • AUEXP - Automatic Email Payroll Export: Sends an email with a Payroll Export attached (from the PAYROLL tab on Time & Attendance companies).

  • AUCP - Automatic Close Payroll: For Time & Attendance companies, skips the payroll when the period ends so the time card is always showing the current week.

  • AUPTO - Automatic PTO Processing: Required to process accruals. See How to Create an Accrual Policy for more details.

  • CUSJOB - Custom Job: For use by Fingercheck personnel only.

  • AUEREP - Automatic Email Employee Report: Sends a report to employee’s email on file. Each employee will only get their own report.

  • AUMOP - Automatic Missed Out Punch: Similar to AUMP but specifically used to trigger MissedScheduledOutPunch.

  • AUEXNO - Notify Employee for Exception: Send an email (or text) notification to employee for the exceptions triggered on their time card.

  • BDEMIM - BDB One Point Entry(discontinued): Syncs data between BDB (now known as Viventium) and our servers so you need to add an employee on only one platform and the employee will appear on the other.

  • MAHO - Manual Holiday Pay: For future use. Do not use.

  • SYCL - Sync Clock Fingerprints: Syncs fingerprints across all clocks.

  • AUREPFTP - Automatic Upload Report to FTP: Sends a report to an FTP server. Typically, this is used to send reports such as 401k contributions to a third party.

  • AUSHD - Automatic Daily Employee Schedule: Generates one day on the SCHEDULE tab.

  • AUREPSFTP - Automatic Upload Report to SFTP: Sends a report to an SFTP server.

  • MUOFAMFU - Mutual of America 401k Upload: Sends a report to Mutual of America for 401k contributions.

  • POHOUR- Post Hours to other company: Sends punch information from one company in Fingercheck to another company in Fingercheck.

  • AUMREP - Email Multiple Reports: Same as AUREP but you can attach more than one report to the email.

  • AUEGL - Email Last Payroll GL File: Sends the GL file for the last payroll.

  • EMPNO - Send Employee Notification: Sends a notification to an employee.

  • AUSW - Start Workflow: Starts a workflow.

Examples of specific tasks you can schedule

For ideas about specific tasks that might be useful, see these articles:

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