Since Fingercheck is hosted on the cloud, a connection must be established between your clock(s) and our servers in order for your clock to be able to upload your punch data successfully. This integral connection is the reason why we designed an automatic alert system to alert you whenever your clock is offline for more than an hour. While your clock is offline, your employees will still be able to punch in and out uninterrupted. Their punches will be uploaded once the connection is repaired. To enable these alerts, follow these steps:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account, and go to the "Setup" tab. From the left sidebar drop-down menu, select "System Menu."

  • Click on "Scheduled Tasks" and then the blue "Add" button.

  • In the next screen, you will define the parameters of the task. Enter a short label for the task by "Code" and a description of the task by "Description" so that you know the task once you have created it. Set the "Job Status" to "Scheduled," then click on "Add" next to "Task Actions," where you will actually define your task.

  • Select "CLNO - Clock Notification Offline" as the "Job Action," leave the "Sequence" as 0 and by "MailTo" enter the email address you would like the notification to be sent to. Then click "Apply."

  • Now click on "Add" next to "Task Triggers." Your task trigger is what determines how often the task gets executed. While you might want to be notified ASAP if your clock has been offline for more than an hour, it is not recommended that you set the task to trigger hourly. Why? Because for every hour that your clock is offline, you will get a notification. This could lead to annoying emails you do not want to deal with, especially if your connection goes unrepaired for a day or longer. Instead, if you set it to run at the end of every day after your employees have all clocked out, you can deal with the issue privately and know that the clock has still collected all your employees’ punches for the day. If you’d like to be notified more frequently, you can create multiple task triggers to execute the notification in the morning, afternoon, and night. After creating this task trigger, click "Apply" and you will be brought to the previous window where you can add another trigger - repeat the process to create as many tasks triggers as you want.

  • Set the “Start Date” to whichever date you would like the notification to start executing. If you'd like the notification to automate like clockwork for as long as the company exists, you can set the “End Date” to be a far-off year like 2099. This way you will not have to fuss with it. For “Time,” type the hour of the day you would like to be notified. The “Trigger Type” determines how often the task executes and can be changed to hourly, daily, weekly, etc. If you'd like the task to execute daily, click on "Daily" as we have. For "Every # of days" you can enter a number for the number of days to pass before being notified. If you want daily notifications, enter "1" as we have. Then click "Apply."

Once the task trigger conditions are met, if any clocks have been offline for more than an hour, a notification will be sent to the email address specified. This is an invaluable feature that can minimize downtime in your company, and maximize your productivity.
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