For companies that have multiple locations, syncing employee fingerprints to each time clock can be a cumbersome task. Now, administrators can set up an automated task to run clock sync at predetermined intervals, whether that be every day or every week. This can be a time saver for companies that add or remove a large number of employees on a regular basis.

Below are the simple steps that need to be taken to set up a weekly automated task to ensure that each time employee fingerprints are distributed to all the time clocks.

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Setup” tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select “System Menu.”

  • Now select “Scheduled Tasks” and click on the blue "Add" button.

  • You will be brought to the Scheduled Job window to begin filling out your scheduled task information. Fill out the fields as follows - create a "Code" to label your task and a "Description" that describes your task. Leave the "Job Status" as "Scheduled" and run the task as an administrator. Then add a task action by clicking on "Add."

  • Next, from the "Job Action" drop-down menu, select "SYCL – Sync Clock Fingerprints." This will present you with a parameter to select the number of days to include in the clock sync. By selecting a negative number, you can tell the system to include all employees added to the system over the last selected number of days. For example, for this task, we will select (-7) which tells the system to sync all employees that have been added within the past 7 days next. Now click on "Apply."

  • Once you are within the general window again, click on "Add" next to "Task Triggers." This will allow you to set the frequency of the automated task.

  • The Job Trigger dialog box will include the start date of the job, the end date (if permanent, select a far-off date like 2099 so as not to have to deal with this task any time in the future), and the time you want the job executed. From the Trigger Type drop-down, select Weekly, and the day of the week for the job to run. To finish, click on "Apply," then "Save."

NOTE: Fingerprints will only be synced with the time clocks that an employee has been “sent” to during the employee setup process. This ensures that only the time clocks that you want an employee to have access to will be synced with the fingerprint data.
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