How to Auto Sync Fingerprints

Administrators can set up an automated task to run a clock sync at predetermined intervals, whether that be every day or every week.

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For companies with multiple locations, syncing employee fingerprints to each time clock can be a cumbersome task. Now, administrators can set up an automated task to run clock sync at predetermined intervals, whether that be every day or every week. This can be a time saver for companies that add or remove a large number of employees on a regular basis.

This article describes how to set up a weekly automated task to ensure that employee fingerprints are distributed to all the time clocks.

Set up a scheduled task to auto sync fingerprints

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Select the SETUP tab > System > Scheduled Tasks.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Complete the following fields:

    • Code: An abbreviated name for the task.

    • Description: A short descriptive name. Together, the Code and Description fields make up the full name as displayed in other areas of Fingercheck.

    • Job Status: Leave as Scheduled.

    • Run Task As User: Select the administrator that the task should run as.

  5. Add a task action.

    1. In the Task Actions section, click Add.

    2. From the Job Action drop-down list, select SYCL โ€“ Sync Clock Fingerprints.

    3. Leave the Sequence field empty.

    4. In the DaysFromHireDate field, enter the number of days to include in the clock sync.

      By entering a negative number, you can tell the system to include all employees added to the system over the last selected number of days. For example, if you enter -7, the system syncs all employees that have been added within the past 7 days next.

    5. Click Apply.

  6. Add a task trigger to set the frequency of the automated task.

    1. In the Task Triggers section, click Add.

    2. In the Start Date field, enter the date you want to start the task.

    3. In the End Date field, enter a date far into the future (such as 1/1/2099) so that the trigger continues to run.

    4. From the Trigger Type drop-down list, select Weekly, and select the day of the week for the job to run.

    5. Click Apply.

  7. Click Save to save the scheduled task.

Note: Fingerprints are synced only with the time clocks that an employee has been โ€œsentโ€ to during the employee setup process. This ensures that only the time clocks that you want an employee to access are synced with the fingerprint data.

Watch a short video using scheduled tasks to auto sync your employees' fingerprints to a time clock.

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