If you'd like to catch your employees each time they punch out late, you can set up punch alerts that notify you by email, text message, or push notification via the mobile app. To do this, you'll need to create a scheduled policy for your employees, an alert policy, and an exception policy.

The process should only take you a few minutes and is entirely doable on your own (though you can also call support if you need help). To learn how to read on for a step-by-step walkthrough:

  • To detect whether your employees punch out late, you'll need to set up a schedule that outlines your employees' hours. If you are new to making schedules using Fingercheck, see our article on how to create a Schedule Policy. Once that's done, navigate to the “Setup” tab. From the left sidebar menu click on "Policies Menu."

  • Select "Alert Policies" from the left sidebar menu, which will bring you to your Alert Policies window. As you can see, we have already built two alert policies for our Sales and Support divisions. Alert policies are applied to the master profiles assigned to your employees, which is why we named each after the master profile they will be applied to. Since you can only apply one alert policy to your employees' master profiles, you can set up multiple alerts within one policy so you receive all the alerts you want. Any alert policy can hold multiple rules, even the policy we named as "01 Late Out." If you only want to make one alert policy that holds one alert, you can name your policy after the alert, as we did. Click on the blue "Add" button to start. 

  • This is the policy window where you will build your policy. Fill out the "Code" and "Description" and select how you want to be notified by "Action Type" - "Email," "Text," "Push Notification," or "All." If you want to get notified by more than one method, select "All" and enter the information to get alerted to (for instance, if you want to be notified by email and push notification but not text, leave the phone number field blank). You can enter multiple email addresses into the field separated by commas. If you chose to be alerted by push notification, tick the users you want to be notified in the "Available Users" box. The next section, "Alert Rules" is where you'll add the specific alerts of your policy. As you can see we already have a "Notify After Punch" alert. To add an alert rule for missed punches, click on the gray "Add" button.

  • By "Alert Type" select "Notify if Employee Didn't Punch." Check "Enabled." By "MinutesPassedSchedule" enter the time frame during which you want the alert to trigger once the actual infraction has occurred. For instance, if you only want to receive alerts within a fifteen-minute time frame after the infraction occurs, enter 15. While the alert should be immediate, alerts trigger as fast as the system sends it depending on the server. After 15 minutes, the alert will not trigger. Then you can check any of the "NotifyEmployee" fields to notify employees of their own missed punches, and type up your own message to be included in the alert to them. Make sure your employee has an email, text, or has logged into the mobile app to get the notifications checked. Then click "Apply." Once you are back in the main window, click "Save."

  • Click "Save" when you're back in the profile. Note that you can add as many alert rules as you want by repeating the process and picking a different alert type.

  • Now it's time to build your exception policy. You'll find full instructions on how to make an exception policy to keep track of employees who arrive and leave early or late in our help desk article on the subject. Once that's done, you are ready to apply your alert policy to the master profile. Navigate to the "System Menu" to apply your alert policy to the appropriate master profile.

  • Once you're within the "System Menu," click on "Master Profiles" and select the master profile of the employees you want the alert applied to.

  • Now apply the alert policy and click "Save" to finish.

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