Fingercheck's alert policies keep you notified so you can stay on top of your staff's time and attendance. Here are instructions on how to set up an alert policy that contains long break notifications:

  • Before starting on building your alert policy, you will first need to set up a long break exception policy as well as a Break Policy. Once you have set up both and applied them to the master profile, navigate to the “Setup” tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select “Policies Menu.”

  • From the list that appears, click on “Alert Policies” and then on the blue “Add” button to begin building your policy.

  • Since your employees' master profile only allows for one alert policy, you will need to build multiple alert rules within one master alert policy that covers all the punch alerts you want to receive. As you can see, in our example we are applying this alert policy to the sales department, so we named the "Code" All Sales and the "Description" All Punch Alerts for Sales Team. By "Action Type" you can choose how you are notified, either by "Email," "Text," "Phone," "All," or "Notification" (Push Notification via our mobile app). By "Phone" you are only required to enter your phone number if you chose to be alerted by phone or text. By "Email" you are only required to enter your email address if you chose to be alerted by email. You can skip the "Push Notification User Selection" dialog box if you haven't chosen to be alerted by push notification. If you chose "Notification," tick all the people you want to be notified with these push alerts. The next section, "Alert Rules" is where you'll add the specific rules of your alert. Click on the gray "Add" button to start.

  • As you can see, there are many alert types you can choose from. To get notified for multiple alert types, simply select your first alert type, fill out the fields, and click "Apply." Then you can click the "Add" button again and make another rule.

  • To set up an alert for long breaks, by "Alert Type" select "LongBreak - Notify if Employee Took a Break," and check the box that says "Enabled." Last, enter the "MinutesPassedSchedule" number you want to be notified up until. Once you are done, click "Apply."

  • Now you can see your alert rules have been made. You can add more rules by clicking "Add."

  • When you've finished making your rules, click "Save."

  • The next and final step is to apply the long break policy to the master profile. This is where you will specify which employees your alert policy monitors. From the drop-down menu on the left, select "System Menu."

  • From the left-hand side menu, click on "Master Profiles" and then select the appropriate master profile.

  • By "Alert Policy" select your policy and then click "Save."

Once your alert policy is applied to the master profile you should be notified for all the punch types you've specified. You are all done!

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