How to Set Up a Master Profile

A Master Profile is a collection of policies that can be assigned to an employee.

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So that you can make system changes for all employees at the same time, you can use a master profile. Changes include things like pay periods and policies. If your company has multiple departments, you can assign different master profiles to each department. For example, your Janitorial staff might have different scheduled hours and break-time rules than the clerical staff.

You can also go into each individual’s profile and edit the rules. This action overrides the assigned Master Profile for that employee.

Create a master profile

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Click the SETUP tab > System > Master Profiles.
    By default, the 01 Master profile is available.

  3. To edit the profile, click the Edit icon (pencil).

    To create another master profile, click the Add button.

  4. Edit the fields, which are described in the table below.

  5. Click Save.

    If you are editing a master profile, the changes made here are applied to all employees currently using this master profile.

Fields available in the master profile:




An abbreviated name for the profile. In combination with the Description field, this makes up the full name of the profile as displayed in other areas of Fingercheck.


A short, descriptive name for the profile.

Pay Period

The pay period for this profile

The options are fed from the SETUP tab > Payroll > Pay Schedules. For more information, see How to Create Pay Schedules.

Regular Division Earning

The earnings code for this profile.

The options are fed from SETUP tab > Payroll > Earnings. For more information, see How to Set Up Earning Codes.

Overtime Policy

Use Scheduled

Schedule Policy

Rounding Policy

Break Policy

Meals Policy

Holiday Policy

Minimum Hour Policy

Maximum Hour Policy

Premium Hour Policy

Alert Policy

Job Fencing Policy

The policies that should be followed for this master profile

Policies are fed from the policies configured under the SETUP tab > Policies. See articles about policies at Setting Up Fingercheck.

Select Use Scheduled if you select Schedule Policy.

Maximum Pair Hours (used for overnight shifts)

The maximum number of hours an employee can be on the clock starts at their initial clock-in time, and the system still calculates those hours for the same day.

For example, you might set the maximum pair hours to 13. If the employee clocks in at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday and clocks out at 5:00 a.m. on Friday, all of the hours still count as Thursday’s hours.

Double Punch

The number of minutes before which a double punch is ignored.

The default is 2, so if an employee punches in and then punches in again before 2 minutes, the extra punch is ignored.

Separation Minutes (used for overnight shifts)

Used in conjunction with the Maximum Pair Hours field. Enter a duration of time in which your employees can clock in and out and still have that time count on the same day.

For example, if Separation Minutes is set to 30, your employees can take a 30-minute break without breaking the Maximum Pair Hours.

Latest Logout Time (used for overnight shifts)

The latest time is past midnight when an employee can punch out to be counted for the same day.

Default Time Zone

The default time zone for this profile.

Apply a master profile to an individual employee

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Click the EMPLOYEES tab.

  3. Click on an employee's number.

  4. Under Personal, click Profile.

  5. To edit the master profile for this employee:

    1. Click the Edit icon (pencil).

    2. If you want to use a different master profile, select it.

    3. In the pop-up window that appears, update the other fields as needed. (See the table above.)
      The changes you make override the master profile in the system. If you want the employee to use the system’s master profile again, select (none).

  6. Click Save.

Apply the master profile to one or more employees

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Click the EMPLOYEES tab.

  3. Select the employee(s) to whom you want to apply the master profile.

  4. Click the Quick Actions button (hamburger icon), and select Mass Change.

    The Employee Mass Change dialog box appears.

  5. From the Change Type drop-down list, select Master Profile.

  6. From the Change To drop-down list, select the profile to which you would like to apply.

  7. Click OK.

See which employees use a particular master profile

To see which employees are using a particular master profile, you can run a report.

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Hover over REPORTS, and select Employee.

  3. Click the Custom Report button in the upper right.
    A panel with many options appears.

  4. In the Search field, enter profile.

  5. Click Select to open the Employee Profiles report.

  6. In the pop-up window that appears, enter a Code for the report, and select a Default Export Type.

  7. From the fields listed on the right side, drag and drop the fields you want to include in the report to the center of the window.

  8. Click Run Report.

For more details about reports, see How to Create a Custom Report.

For more details, there is a short video guide. More help is available at our Service Desk, which is on the right side of your screen on the web.

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