FAQ: My employees are not showing up on the time clock, even though I added them to Fingercheck. What can I do to get them on the clock?
A: There could be several factors behind why your employees aren't showing up on your clock. First, check to make sure your employees have their own employee clock number. Go to the "Employee" tab, click into their employee profile, and make sure a number is entered in the "Employee Clock Number" field. If it's blank, enter a number of your choosing, or, type in a question mark to auto-generate a number.

  • Once that's done, or if there is a clock number, try re-sending your employees to the clock. Go to the "Employee" tab and checking the employees you'd like to send to the clock. Then click "Quick Actions" and click on "Send Employees To Clock."

  • Choose which clock you'd like to send your employees to and then click "Send Employees."

If these three tasks have all been checked and are intact, contact tech support! We're sure we can help you.
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