No doubt that when you begin setting your company up within Fingercheck, one of the first processes you'll want to get down pat is how to create jobs. We can walk you through it! Read our step-by-step guide on how to create a job from scratch:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the "Setup" tab and select "Jobs" from the sidebar on the left. Then click on the blue "Add" button to create a job. 

  • Now you can create a "Code" and "Description" for your job. The code is a short identifier of the job and the description is a full description of the job. These details will represent your job in the "Jobs" window. In this example, we are creating a job for a waiter. Note: If your employees will be selecting a job from a time clock the codes can only be numbers.

  • Next, where it says "Rate" you can enter one flat rate to give all employees doing this job. In this case, we've chosen to pay a flat rate of $11 to all waiters. 

  • Alternatively, you can apply different rate codes to this job by selecting a rate where it says "Rate Code." For instance, even though the flat rate for a waiter job is $11 an hour, by applying a unique rate code to the job, you can override the flat rate and input that employees should be paid a base rate unique to them.

  • Where it says "Earning Code" you can choose an earning code if you would to assign a specific earning code for the job, instead of assigning rates or rate codes. Some companies who have their own payroll systems choose to manage their rates separately and use the earning codes to send over to their payroll. 

  • For "Earning Type" you can leave this empty or choose a specific type to classify those hours.

  • Where it says "InActive," tick the box only if you want this job to be inactive (no longer in your rotation).

  • Where it says "Add to Punch if Default," tick this box if you have an employee automatically assigned to this job and you want all these punches to strictly be allocated to this job. For instance, if you change a default job and recalculate the hours, these punches will still be allocated to this job.

  • Where it says "Location" you have the option of entering the job location. Where it says "Location IP Address," you can enter the job location's IP address. Once you have finished entering your job's information, click on "Save."

 Now you are finished!

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