Let's say you have an employee who is going to be temporarily working from home, or maybe whose position in the company has changed to something that demands a different place of work. How do you make it so they no longer have to punch in at a specified location?

The process to take care of this is going to depend on where the "Job Fencing Policy" instruction is set. This can be one of two places: either on the employee's personal profile or on the Master Profile assigned to them.

To find this out, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Employees List in Fingercheck and click on the name of the employee. Then, go to their "Profile" section.

  • Click the "Pencil" icon to the right of the Profile listed. Note the name of the profile, as you may need to know that name a bit later in the process.

  • Near the bottom of the new window that pops up, look for the field that says "Job Fencing Policy". If nothing is there, continue onward. If something is there, change it to "(none)", and that's it, you should be done!

  • If the employee's personal profile turned up no results, the next place to look is the Master Profile. Go to Setup > System > Master Profiles

  • Click the "Pencil" icon to the right of the Profile that you saw in Step 2.

  • Look for the field that says "Job Fencing Policy". If something is there, read further. If not, then your employee had no Job Fencing Policies set on them to begin with.

So now we've determined that the policy is set on the employee's Master Profile. DO NOT change it to "(none)", this will affect all employees using that same profile. In this case, you'll want to create a separate Master Profile for this; a copy of the previous one that just does not include the Job Fencing Policy, and then assign it to that employee. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup > System > Master Profiles, and click to edit the Master Profile currently assigned to the employee.

  2. Take note of all fields that have anything set in them. You will need to set those exact same values later.

  3. Return to Setup > System > Master Profiles. This time, click the blue "Add" button.

  4. Give this new profile a different Code and Description from the previous one. These are just for naming purposes, so make them something you'll recognize later.

  5. Enter in all of the same values for all of the same fields you saw in Step 2, except for the Job Fencing Policy, which you will leave blank.

  6. Click the green "Save" button at the bottom.

  7. Go to the Employees List and click on the name of the employee. Then, go to their "Profile" section.

  8. Click the "Pencil" icon to the right of the Profile listed to edit it.

  9. Change the top field "Master Profile" to the new profile you created.

  10. Save everything and you're done!

Now that you've followed this guide, your employee should no longer be restricted from punching in at a specific location based on a Job Fencing Policy!

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