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How to Set Up Custom Rates Per Employee for a Specific Job
How to Set Up Custom Rates Per Employee for a Specific Job

Customize the pay rate for different employees per job.

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This article explains the steps to set a custom pay rate for individual employees for specific jobs. It is designed to save time by giving you the flexibility and ability to customize your specific job rates for each employee. It's important to follow all the steps outlined below to ensure that it works correctly for labor allocation and job costing.

Step 1: Create a Custom Rate Code

To set up different rates for individual employees, first, you must create a custom rate code.

  1. Go to SETUP.

  2. Select Payroll > Rate Codes.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter a Code (10 characters or less).

  5. Give it a Description (name that is specific to your job).

  6. Click Save.

Step 2: Create a Job and Add the Custom Rate Code

  1. Start at the SETUP tab

  2. Select Company > Jobs

  3. Click Add

  4. Choose a Code, a Description, the Specific Job's Rate Code, and any other details (location, cost group, etc.) and Save

Step 3: Add the Rate for an Employee for the Specific Job

The last step is to add the hourly rate for that specific job to your employees. The rate will take effect when they clock into that specific job.

  1. Go to the EMPLOYEES tab.

  2. Choose the appropriate employee.

  3. Go to Positions & Rates.

  4. Select Add.

  5. Add the effective date, pay rate for that job, and make sure to select your custom rate code that is specific to that job.

For more information, see How to Set Up Earning Codes.

It's crucial to make sure that you've completed all the steps mentioned above. Missing even a single step or field could lead to issues with the setup's functionality. We recommend thoroughly reviewing the setup process to ensure that you've followed each step carefully.

Watch a video showing each step for setting up custom rates when paying employees.

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