How to Set Up a Custom Rate for Specific Jobs

Establish a custom rate for all employees at specific jobs.

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This article explains the steps to set a pay rate for specific jobs. It is designed to save time by giving you the flexibility and ability to customize your specific job rates.

Your employees have a set rate per hour, however, sometimes you want to pay your employees a custom rate when they work at a specific job or jobs.

How to Set Up a Custom Rate for Specific Jobs

  1. Start at your Dashboard and click the SETUP tab.

  2. Select Company > navigate to Jobs.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Choose a Code, a Description, a Rate, and any other details (location, cost group, etc.).

Now you have set up a custom pay rate for a specific job. It will be for all employees on this job. You can update it anytime by editing your job and updating the rate.

Learn more about setting up custom earning codes here.

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