How to Set Up Prevailing Wages

Setting up prevailing wages for construction workers on public construction worksites as required by law.

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Prevailing wage laws require contractors to pay construction workers on public construction worksites at higher hourly rates. Prevailing wages, a function used to pay construction workers on public construction worksites, is easy to set up in Fingercheck.

In this article you will learn:

Set Up the Optional Earning Code

  1. You can choose one of the pre-set system earning codes or you can also create an Optional Custom Earning Code.

    1. Optional, why?

      1. If you want the job with prevailing wages to have its own earning code rather than using the current system earning codes (Regular, OT, Bonus, etc.), then you will want to navigate over to SETUP > Payroll > Earnings to set up a new or custom earning code.

      2. Please note: You should only do this if you want to separate the earning code from the other earning codes on the timesheet and pay stub.

  2. Then select Add

  3. Choose Add Custom in the Earnings Editor

  4. Complete all necessary fields (*) to create the Optional Custom Earning Code.

Create a Job and Add Earning Code

The next step after creating an optional earning code to set up the prevailing wages is to set up and create the Job.

  1. Start at the SETUP tab

  2. Select Company > Jobs

  3. Click Add

  4. Choose a Code, a Description, the Rate, the Earning Code, and any other details (location, cost group, etc.).

    1. These are the most essential fields in Jobs. Completing these fields ensures this job functions within the prevailing wage standards needed.

      1. This is where the rate and (if created) earning codes come into play as well, as they can be selected within the drop-down of options for each field.

      2. The rate for this job is entered under "Rate", and can always be adjusted by editing the job and adjusting the rate accordingly.

  5. To finish select Save.

    1. As long this job is used for the employee when they punch in/out, the adjusted rate will be applied.

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