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How to Access and Use the Organizational Chart
How to Access and Use the Organizational Chart

Streamline your company structure with our organizational chart.

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With our Organizational Chart, managing your company's structure becomes a breeze. Effortlessly navigate through departments, access employee profiles, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our platform automatically updates information for you. Experience the efficiency of a well-organized company structure with just a few clicks.

Accessing the Organizational Chart

  1. Sign in to Fingercheck

  2. Go to the main Dashboard

  3. Navigate to the Human Resources tab

  4. Click on Organizational Chart

Instantly, you'll be presented with an eye-catching, nearly organized view of your entire company.

Collapsing and Expanding Departments

  • To focus on specific departments, utilize the collapse and expand functionality. Click on areas to view departments separately, or expand them to see the complete organizational structure.

Viewing Individual Profiles

  • Click on individual profiles within the chart to conveniently access specific employee information. This streamlined process allows you to gather essential details with just a few clicks.

Automatic Data Updates

  • Forget manual updates! Our platform takes care of it for you. By seamlessly pulling existing employee information, the Organizational Chart is always up-to-date without any manual effort on your part.

Just a heads-up: if an employee reports to a supervisor who's no longer with the company, they'll automatically be removed from the Organizational Chart until they are assigned a new supervisor in Fingercheck.

Learn more about the employee directory, a quick resource that administrators, supervisors, and employees can use to find the contact information of all company employees here.

Watch a short video showing you how to use it:

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