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Employees: How to Access My Team Directory
Employees: How to Access My Team Directory

View the employee directory.

Written by Melissa Compagnon
Updated over a week ago

Your employee portal is the gateway to a wealth of valuable information, and one feature that enhances your connectivity within the organization is the employee directory. Whether you're looking for contact details, department information, or simply want to get to know your colleagues better, our Employee Directory is designed to make this process seamless.

My Team

Accessing the My Team employee directory is easy.

Log in to your employee portal and click on the My Team tab.

You will see your company directory showing all employees with their contact details.

Org chart

If the admin has set up the organizational chart for your view, it will be available from the My Team employee directory page.

Select Org Chart from the top-right to switch to the organizational chart view.

Access My Team on the Mobile App

  1. Log in to your employee portal from the Fingercheck app.

  2. Open the navigation menu by selecting the hamburger menu icon.

  3. Select My Team.

  4. Select an employee to view their contact information.

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions, please use the chat option or reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501.

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