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How to Set Up a TA200+ WiFi Clock

Here is a detailed guide on how to quickly set up your wifi clock.

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After you've purchased a wireless clock from Fingercheck, no doubt you'll want to set it up ASAP! This article describes how to quickly set up your WiFi clock.

Set up a WiFi clock

  1. Press the menu button on your keyboard.

  2. Go to Communication.

  3. Go to Wireless LAN.

    Your clock will search for available wireless networks.

  4. Once networks have been pulled up, use the arrow buttons on the bottom-right corner of the clock to scroll to your network.

  5. Press the menu button.

  6. Enter your WiFi network information (which you can find on your computer).
    On Windows, you can find the wifi information at Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

    Use the down arrow to work your way down to each field. As you go along, the arrows sandwich Network Type, AuthMode, Encrypt Mode, and IP Address to indicate that the fields are using the selection options you chose. Use the left and right arrows to view all selection options. Once you find the correct option, use the down arrow to save and move on to the next field.

  7. In the Password field, enter the password.
    To begin typing, press the "*" asterisk button on your keyboard. This will pull up [English.]

    Select the letter you'd like to press. For example, press 2 for a, b, or c. All the options for 2 will appear on the screen. Press the corresponding number to select the correct letter. For example, for the lowercase "a," you would press "0." For lowercase 'b" you would press "1," and so on. To enter a number, press ESC for the numeric keypad. ​

  8. In the Point IP field, enter the IP address.

  9. Once you've entered all your information, restart your time clock.

    Once your clock is up and running again, it should pick up the IP address automatically and be connected to Fingercheck.

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