To be notified whenever an employee doesn't Punch In at their scheduled time, you can set up missed punch notifications that can alert you to missed punches. 

Prerequisite: Set Up Schedules And Missed Punch Exception Policy

To detect whether your employees miss their scheduled start, you'll need to set up a schedule that outlines your employees' hours. If you are new to making schedules using Fingercheck, see our article on how to create a scheduled policy. Next, you'll need to build your Missed Punch exception policy, which you can read about here.

Assuming you have both set up, the next step is to create the missed punch alert policy.

Set Up Alert Policies

  1. Go to the Setup tab and from the drop-down menu on the top left of the page

  2. Within "Policies Menu", Select “Alert Policies” and click +Add

  3. Within the Alert Policy Information, enter a Code and Description 

  4. By Action Type, you can select from  Email, Text, Phone, Notification, or All. Please select the action type you would like to use for notifications. 

Set Up Alert Rules

The next section, "Alert Rules" is where you'll add the specific alerts of your policy.

  1. Go to "Alert Type" select "Notify if Employee Didn't Punch." 

  2. Check "Enabled." 

  3. In "MinutesPassedSchedule" enter the time frame during which you want the alert to trigger once the actual infraction has occurred. For example, if your employee is supposed to clock in at 2:00 PM, entering 20 minutes will limit the alert to trigger only up-to 2:20 PM, and stop the alert from triggering throughout the day. 

  4. Optionally, Employees can also be notified of this exception by using the NotifyEmployee Fields. You can remind the employee via Email, Text, or to their Fingercheck Mobile Application with an example message like: “Please ensure you have punched out for your shift!”

  5. Then click "Apply." Once you are back in the main window, click "Save."

Creating A Scheduled Task

The final step is to create a scheduled task to recalculate the employee’s time card each day to check for the exception.

  1. Click on the Setup Menu and then press the System.

  2. Within System Menu press "Scheduled Tasks" and then the blue "Add" button.

  3. Within Scheduled Task Information, Input a Code and Description to identify this scheduled task.

  4. Within "Run Task as User" - Your username should have been preselected.

  1. Within Task Actions, Press Add.

  2. Select the job action as "Automatic Missed Punch" and then click "Apply."

  3. Within Task Trigger, Press Add 

  4. Set the "Start Date" to Today's date and the “End Date” to 12/31/2099. 

  5. For "Time", Enter the time when the alert should trigger. If the punch was for 4:30 PM with a 30-minute window put 5:00 PM.

  6. For “Trigger Type”, Select Daily

  7. For “Days”, input 1

  8. Press Apply and then press Save on the Alert Policy Page.

 And you're done! 

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