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How to Customize the Employee Tab
How to Customize the Employee Tab

You can customize your Fingercheck Employee Dashboard in a variety of ways to suit your preferences.

Written by Rachel Hochmuth
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All of the dashboards in Fingercheck are customizable. You can pick and choose what you want to be displayed. You can access it through the EMPLOYEE tab. Learn how to make your employee dashboard your own.

Sort the employee list

The Employee List is the initial set of information that appears when you select the EMPLOYEES tab on the left panel of Fingercheck. By default, it shows basic information like your employee’s last name, middle name, first name, SSN, department, clock number, status, and pay group.

  • To sort the employee list, click a column heading. For example, to sort by employee number, click the Employee No. column heading. To reverse the order, click it again.

  • To reorganize columns, click and drag a column heading to a new place in the table. For example, you might want to move the Departments column to the left of the Clock Number column.

  • To search within the Employee Dashboard, use the search bar above the first column. As you enter more characters into the field, the results narrow to the employees that match the criteria.

Customize columns

The Customize Columns icon (gear) in the middle of the taskbar allows you to add or remove columns from the employee list. When you click the icon, a Column Customization pop-up window appears.

To add a column, click and drag an item from the Column Customization pop-up box to the list on the page.

To delete an existing column, click and drag the column title to the pop-up box.


A filter icon (funnel) appears next to some customized columns. If you click this icon, you can filter the values you are looking for. In the example below, the filter for the Status column is open, and A is selected. When the user clicks OK, only active (A) employees will appear in the list.

The Quick Actions icon

The Quick Actions icon (hamburger menu) allows you to perform a preset list of relevant actions.

For more information, see Shortcuts: Quick Actions Menu.

Export employees to .XLS

With the Export Excel icon, you can export the currently displayed users into an Excel sheet. If used in conjunction with the customization function and filters, you can generate reports of employee information.

Import employees

If you are under the Time and Attendance plan, you can easily import a list of employees with the Import Employees icon. For more information, see How to Add Employees (Time and Attendance plan).

Learn how to update employees' personal information here.

Here is a short video showing you how:

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