Below is a sampling of some of the more popular customization options, with short descriptions. 

The “Employee List” is the initial set of information that appears when you click on your Employee Dashboard. It shows by default basic information like your employee’s last name, middle name, first name, SSN, department, clock number, status, and pay group.

Your employee list can be sorted according to each category available by clicking on the category to be sorted by. The categories themselves can be swapped around by clicking and dragging them across the top of the Employee List.

You can “Search” within Employee Dashboard by using the search bar above the first column. As you type in more characters it will narrow the search to the employee(s) that match the criteria.

Customization: This is the gear-shaped icon in the middle of the taskbar. It’s highlighted in the picture below.

Using the customization button, you can drag relevant information columns from your employee page into the customization box to remove them, and drag other fields onto the page—all in whichever order you prefer.

Filters: Next to certain customized columns there is a little filter button, this will allow you to query the column and rows to filter whichever values you are looking for.

Quick Actions: The Quick Actions icon is directly next to Customization, and allows you to perform a preset list of relevant actions.

  • Mass Change: Mass Change allows users to select a number of employees and apply changes in bulk like allocating employees to certain departments or jobs.  

  • Send Employee to Clock: This function will send an employee’s profile to your Fingercheck clock, allowing that employee to enroll fingerprints and clock in at that location.

  • Download Fingerprints: Once fingerprints are enrolled under an employee’s profile on the clock, this function downloads those fingerprints and stores them under the employee’s profile.

  • Send Fingerprints to Clock: Instead of enrolling an employee’s fingerprints on multiple clocks, you may send any downloaded fingerprints to any of your clocks.

  • Send Self-Service Enrollment: Sends an invitational email to the employees selected, allowing them to set up a username and password, used to log in to their Fingercheck profiles.

Export: This button allows you to export the currently displayed users into an Excel sheet. If used in conjunction with our customization function and filters then you will be able to generate reports of employee information.

And that’s it! Fingercheck gives you an easy way to organize employee information to suit your specific needs.

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