If you're in the midst of running payroll, and need to make time card adjustments, you have two options you can use to make your time card changes. Depending on the complexity of the changes, you will either want make your changes via the "Time Card" tab and regenerate payroll, or simply edit the data within the Payroll module:

  • Edit Within the Payroll Module: This method is ideal for quick, individual changes. In Step Two of the Payroll Module, "Time Review," you can edit your employees' time cards. Simply click on the employee whose time card data you would like to change. This will open a time card within the screen that you can edit by clicking into data or the empty spaces.
  • Regenerating Payroll: Sometimes, you will need to make more specific data adjustments, such as performing a mass entry for multiple days, punches, employees, etc. You can go to the "Time Card" tab and make the changes you wish, and then click back into the "Payroll" tab and regenerate payroll to reload the time card data you've pushed from FingerCheck. The following message will pop up, asking you to type YES in the box below to continue and restart payroll. Type YES. Success! You have regenerated payroll. Click OK and then run payroll again, if you wish.

 If you've already started payroll, once you click "Run Payroll" you should be automatically taken back to the step you left off on!
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