We designed our payroll solution to be easy to use and highly efficient, especially in the case of an emergency. Even after you've processed payroll, you can cancel payroll up to 2 days before the scheduled check date by 4:30 PM EST.

For instance, if you realized that you would like to add or change something in the payroll you've already processed, you can cancel payroll and get a fresh start. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Payroll” tab. From the menu click "Cancel Payroll." 

  • Once you do, a system message will appear asking you to confirm the action. Type the word "YES" in the box below to continue.

  • Once you've done that, a system message will appear informing you that the payroll has been canceled.

Your payroll has been canceled and you can now start your payroll whenever you would like.
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