Using our Auto Run Payroll feature, you can auto-run your payroll with no manual labor required. Simply set a pay run schedule, Fingercheck 360 will automatically run payroll moving forward, auto-calculating employee time cards and processing your company's entire batch of payroll data.

In this article, you will learn:

How to set up Auto Run payroll

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Click the PAYROLL tab.

  3. Click Auto Run Payroll.

  4. Turn on the toggle for one or more of the following options.

    If you select Include Payroll Preview, a detailed payroll report is sent to you before each payroll is processed. This can prove invaluable in briefing you on the costs of your payroll ahead of time.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. In the confirmation pop-up window, enter YES, and click OK.

What to expect once you've enabled Auto Run Payroll

The day payroll is due to be processed, you will get an email listing the total cash required, and a follow-up email confirming your payroll has been run.

If there are any issues preventing Fingercheck 360 from running payroll, you will receive a warning email. If the issues are not corrected by 4:30 p.m. EST that day, Fingercheck 360 will not be able to auto-run payroll. However, we will notify you in time for you to manually run payroll and make your payday deadline.

Note: If a minor error occurs (such as an invalid Social Security number), Fingercheck will attempt to fix the issue and run the payroll. Please still review the error and fix the issue so that you don't encounter the same issue in the future.

About proof-checking hours

To avoid having payroll run automatically without reviewing your employees' hours, we suggest setting up a daily time card report to review your time card data at the end of each day. That way, when it's time to run payroll, you'll have approved all the data ahead of time. See How to Set up Automatic Email Reports.

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