How to Skip a Payroll Run

There may be occasions when you need to skip a payroll run

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If you need to skip your next payroll run, you can do so on the web application or the mobile app.

Note: You cannot skip a payroll run if you have a voided check or manual check on that payroll.

Skip a payroll run through the web application

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Click the PAYROLL tab.

  3. Make sure the correct payroll run is selected in the top-right corner.

  4. Click Skip Payroll.

  5. In the confirmation pop-up window that appears, enter YES, and click Continue.

  6. Click OK.

Skip a payroll run through the mobile application

On the mobile app, you can only skip the next payroll in the queue.

  1. Log in to the mobile app as an Administrator.

  2. Tap the hamburger icon to open the menu.


  4. Tap Skip.

  5. In the Skip Payroll message that appears, tap Yes.

How to always skip payroll runs (for Time & Attendance plans)

If you use the Time & Attendance plan, you do not need to run payroll, so you'll want to create a scheduled task to automatically close the payroll (that is, skip the payroll).

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Go to the SETUP tab > System > Scheduled Tasks.

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the Schedule Task information section, enter a Code and Description for the task (for example, Skip PR and Skip Payroll).
    The Code is an abbreviated name for the task. The Description is a short descriptive name. Together, these fields make up the full name as displayed in other areas of Fingercheck.

    You can leave the other fields as is.

  5. Add a task action:

    1. In the Task Actions section, click Add.

    2. In the pop-up window that appears, select AUCP - Automatic Close Payroll from the Job Action drop-down list.

    3. Leave the other fields as is.

    4. Click Apply.

  6. Add a task trigger so that the task is sent at a regular interval (for example, weekly):

    1. In the Task Triggers section, click Add.

    2. Enter a Start Date and End Date.

      If you want the task to be "permanent," select an end date far into the future.

    3. Select the Time of day when you want the payroll skipped.

    4. Select a Trigger Type such as Weekly.

      If you select Weekly, the Days field changes to Week and allows you to select the day of the week to run the task.

    5. Select the day you want the task triggered.

    6. Click Apply.

  7. Click Save.

Watch a video showing how to skip a payroll in Fingercheck.


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