A Master Profile is a collection of policies that can be assigned to an Employee Profile. For instance, if a company has multiple departments and would like to assign different policy setups by department, they can create a unique master profile for each department. They can also go into each individual’s profile and edit the master profile for each employee differently. 

Create a Master Profile

  • To create Master Profiles, Head to Setup and Under System select Master Profile.
  • You will see a default profile called 01 - Master Profile already sitting in your profiles window. You can either edit this profile or press +Add to create a new one.
  • Please input an Code and Description to describe this Master Profile and select the different policies to be used for this profile for each section. If you are editing the a Master Profile, the changes made here will apply to all Employees currently using this Master Profile once saved.
  • Once you've clicked "Save". This Master Profile is available to be assigned to your employee profiles.

Applying the Master Profile to Single User

  • Head to your "Employee" Dashboard and click on an employee's number.
  • Under Personal Select "Profile." This should provide the currently active Master Profile on this employee.
  • You can either edit the Master Profile assigned or add a new Master Profile by pressing +Add.
  • You can then select the profile to use within Master Profile and then press Save.

Applying the Master Profile to Multiple Users

  • If you'd like to assign a new profile to one or more employees, you can go to your "Employee" Dashboard and check the boxes next to each employee's name. Click "Quick Actions" and select "Mass Change" to change a group of employees or even an individual employee's master profile type.
  • From the "Change Type" drop down menu select, Master Profile.
  • From the "Change To" drop down menu, select the Master Profile that you would like to apply to the selected employee. Press OK to save the changes.

Now you know how to set up a master profile, re-assign different profiles to different employees, and manually tweak individual employees' profiles.

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