How to Set Up Clock Messages

Send messages to employees when they clock-in.

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Clock messages play a vital role in facilitating effective communication with employees. They serve as a tool for conveying crucial information related to their job responsibilities, reporting locations, assigned tasks, and any necessary interactions. By leveraging clock messages, you not only streamline communication but also enhance time tracking accuracy, contributing to the overall efficiency of your payroll processing system.

Set up a clock message

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Setup > System > Clock Messages.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter details for the following fields:

    1. Code: short descriptive code to easily recognize the clock message.

    2. Description: longer description to describe the clock message.

    3. Message: enter the message the employee should see upon clocking in and out.

  5. Click Save.

Add a clock message to employee profile

  1. Log in to Fingercheck as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Employees.

  3. Select an employee to open their profile.

  4. Select Personal > Clock messages.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Edit the following fields:

    1. Clock message: select a clock message you added. .

    2. Start date: enter a date the clock message should begin to display.

    3. End date: enter a date the clock message should no longer be displayed.

    4. Not active: check the checkbox if the clock message should no longer display.

    5. Message: enter a message that should be included with the clock message.

  7. Click Save.

Employee view of clock messages

When employees clock in and out they will see the clock message you added to their employee profile.

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