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How to Enroll Fingerprints for Version 2 of the AC100C/TA100C Time Clocks
How to Enroll Fingerprints for Version 2 of the AC100C/TA100C Time Clocks

To begin using your new device as soon as possible, here are the steps to take to enroll your employees' fingerprints.

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If you have the newest version of our AC100C and TA100C time clocks, enrolling fingerprints works a little differently than with our original FMM200 (black menu) AC100Cs and TA100Cs.

To enroll your employees' fingerprints for Version 2 of an AC100C/TA100C time clock

  1. Press the Menu button on the time clock.

  2. Using the arrow buttons, select Usr Mgmt, and press the OK button.

  3. Using the arrow buttons, select All Users, and press OK.

  4. Using the arrow buttons, scroll down to the employee you want to enroll fingerprints for, and press OK.

  5. Select Edit and press OK.

  6. Using the arrows, scroll down to Fingerprints, and press OK.

  7. Select the number of the finger you want to enroll on the keypad, and press OK.

  8. Scan your fingerprint on the scanner three times. On the screen there is a quality indicator, try to have It somewhere above ~70.

    After the third time, a green circle appears on the fingerprint that was scanned.

  9. Use the M/OK and ESC keys to save all changes and exit the menus to return to the main screen.

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