It's the start of the year and if you’re a manager, you have a lot to prepare for. Luckily, updating your holiday list within Fingercheck is fast and simple, allowing you to check one more to-do off your list quickly.

If you’ve already built a holiday policy, most of the work is done for you.

  • Simply go to the "Setup" tab, and select "Policies Menu" from the left sidebar menu.

  • Click on "Holiday Policies" and then select the policy you've made.

  • Within the Holiday Policy window, click “Import” to re-import your holidays with the proper year selected from the System Holiday List.

  • Once you've selected the proper year and checked the holidays you'd like to import, finish by clicking "Import" to bring in these new holidays.

If you haven't yet made a policy, you can learn to do one by referring to our easy Holiday Policy Guide. Within the process, you'll be asked to select the holidays you want to apply, along with the year. We hope getting your holidays on track for 2018 is as effortless as reading this article!

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