By creating an exception policy, you can have your employees' time cards stamped every time they punch an exception, and also have these exceptions display in your dashboard.

In this guide, we teach you how to create an exception policy that works with your employees' schedules to notify you of missed punches. To set up your policy, follow these steps:

  • To detect whether your employees miss their scheduled start or end times, you'll need to set up a schedule that outlines your employees' hours. If you are new to making schedules using Fingercheck, see our article on how to create a Schedule Policy. Once that's done, navigate to the “Setup” tab. From the left sidebar menu click on "Policies Menu."

  • Select "Exception Policies" from the left sidebar menu and click on the blue"Add" button.

  • Fill out the fields as follows - create a "Code" to label your missed punch policy and a "Description" that describes your policy. For "Exception Type" select "Missed Out Punch." To adjust how urgent the exception appears in your dashboard, you can choose from Low, Medium, or High by the "Exception Severity" to change the color-coding. Then click "Save."

  • Now you can see your "Missing Out Punch" exception within the "Exception Policies" window.

 To receive live punch alerts in real-time by email, text message, or push notification, see our article on how to set up missed punch notifications.
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