To enter punches and edit punches, the "Time Card" tab within Fingercheck is going to be your go-to tab. Follow along with us as we walk you through the process of editing and entering time entries.

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Time Card” tab. Select the employee you would like to add time for using the employee drop-down menu and click anywhere within the time card to add time. If you click under a specific day, your punch date will be set to that day (which you can change in the next step of the process).

  • In the Time Punch dialog box that opens, select the "Punch Date," "Punch Time," and "Punch Type." To save and finish, click "Save & Close" or click "Save & New" to enter another punch.

  • If you click "Save & New" another pop-up box will expand allowing you to enter a new time entry. If you click "Save & Close" you will be returned to the time card where you will see the punch in the employee's time card. To edit any punch, simply click on it.

  • Once you do so, that same Time Punch dialog box will open and you can edit your punch.

Manually entering and editing time within Fingercheck is that simple!
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