As a supervisor with very little time to dedicate to tasks outside your managerial duties, you can make entries on behalf of your employees very quickly within Fingercheck. You never know when you'll need to perform actions that are out of the ordinary, and our mass entry feature lets you input highly specific commands to help you do what you need.

From entering punches and hours to marking employees as absent and grouping their hours worked under specific earning codes and earning types, you can do it all using our new and improved mass entry functionality. 

Here is an explanation of all the options that are available so you can become familiar with how to use Mass Entry for your benefit:

Punch: Mass Entry allows you to perform individual punches and company-wide punches with the ability to customize punch type (auto, in, out, or transfer) and the punch time and date.

Absence: This function allows you to mark your employees as all being absent, for instance, if you want to log your entire company out because of a snow day. Within Mass Entry You can select “Absence” and then enter the hours, select the absence policy you would like to apply, the date, and which employees to apply this to.

Hours: This feature allows you to enter a specific amount of hours for your employees. You can select your desired earning code, earning type, date, and whichever employees you would like to apply this to.

Schedule In: “Schedule In” lets you punch your employees in at their scheduled time. This might benefit you if you’d like to make a company-wide punch according to all the different start times of your various departments. This way you can simply make a uniform punch entry according to their schedule.

Schedule Out: The same logic applies – this type lets you punch out employees according to their scheduled “out” time.

Absence as Per Schedule: This function allows you to enter a mass absence for your employees. Let’s say you forgot to mark a certain holiday that was company-wide. You can retroactively go back and select the absence policy, and start date and end date. The absence will be applied to whatever hours they were scheduled for.

Hours as Per Schedule: Let’s say you want to but you don’t want to repeat the action for employees with different schedules. You can configure the hours to reflect on all the different schedules using this function.

With just a few clicks you can now create wide-sweeping changes within your company’s time logging using our improved “Mass Entries” function.

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