Whether you have multiple employees out sick or just one employee taking a well-deserved vacation, you can easily keep track of PTO and accurately mark employee absence using Fingercheck.

Besides approving requested time off from employees with self-service access, you can also add time off manually. In this article, we will detail how to add time off manually through two methods.

You can either enter an absence for one employee by going to their "Time Card," or use "Mass Entry" to mark multiple employees absent in one step. Here are steps to proceed with either method:

Method #1 – Employee Time Sheet
This method is ideal for entering hours for an individual employee by editing their time card. First go to the “Time Card” tab, then select the employee you would like to enter hours for and click on "Enter Absence."

In the pop-up that appears, first, enter the "Type of Absence". 
Note: Make sure to create an absence policy to classify your employees' various absences, such as vacation and sick leave.

Next, on the "Select Dates" step, specify the dates and numbers of hours or ranges of time for each day.

Next, on the "Additional Info" step, you'll be able to assign Cost Center Levels, Jobs, Tasks, and Notes to these dates.

Finally, on the "Summary" step, you can review what you've done, set the Approved/Declined/Requested status, and click “Request Absence” to finish.

 Method #2 – Mass Entry
This is an extremely easy method to add time off for your employees and best of all you can cover your entire staff in one step. Essentially what you will be doing is mass entering hours for your employees. The process is simple – go to your “Time Card” tab and click on “Mass Entry.” From the dialog box, where it says "Type," select "Absence" to input the hours manually or "Absence As Per Schedule" to automatically pull the hours from each employee's schedule. Next, select the "Absence Policy" to use and the “Date Range” for the absence.
Note: Make sure to create an absence policy to classify your employees' various absences such as vacation and sick leave. The last step is to mark the appropriate employees from the employee selection box, which allows you to select all employees or individual ones. Click "Save" and then you are done.

That is all it takes to enter an absence using Fingercheck! As you can see, doing so takes just a few seconds. Additionally, you can also learn how to add holiday time for your employees, for which there are three methods.
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