If your employee punches are coming in an hour or two off, the culprit could be your time zone settings. You may need to adjust your clock's time zone if all your clock punches are coming in incorrectly.

If your clock's time zone is correct, you may need to look into your employee's individual profile to make sure their time zone is correct within Fingercheck.

For instance, if an employee makes mobile punches that aren't coming incorrectly, but their clock punches are fine, that could give you a clue as to what you need to change. You can go in and change both easily. Here's how:

To change employee time zones:

  • Go to the "Employee" tab and select an employee.

  • Go to "Web Access" where you can select the time zone of your choice and click "Save" to save your new time zone settings. After that, you're done.

To change your clock's time zone:

  • To change the time zone on a clock, go to the "Setup" tab and select "Clock Management," then choose a time clock.

  • Within the time clock, you can select a time zone from the "Time Zone" drop-down menu.

  • After selecting your time zone, make sure to select the clock action "Check Time" from the drop-down menu on the bottom, and click "Go."

  • The following pop-up window will appear, notifying you that your clock's settings will be adjusted. Click "OK."

Once you've done this, you should be all set! With our instructions, you can quickly correct time zone issues.
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