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Employees: How to Punch In Using the Time Clock Tablet App
Employees: How to Punch In Using the Time Clock Tablet App

Here, we outline the process of clocking in using our Time Clock app.

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Using our Time Clock app to clock into work is simple. The interface was designed to make it easy for employees to punch and go.

Punch in with the time clock tablet app

  1. Enter your Clock Number (which your Administrator will provide you with).

  2. Tap In, TRANSFER, or Out.

  3. Select a Department or Job.

  4. (Optional) Add a note to your Administrator.

    If Quick Punch is enabled, you are taken to the camera for your punch photo.

  5. Tap Submit to complete your punch.

    After your picture is submitted, you will receive a notification on your successful punch.
    Your GPS location is captured automatically (even if Quick Punch is enabled), and your punch photos are uploaded to your timecard so that your Administrator can verify your attendance.

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