Some companies assign specific employees to be supervisors over other employees. By assigning an employee a supervisor, you can filter reports based on that classification, send notifications for their assigned supervisors, or generally filter employees by that supervisor. Additionally an employee who is set up as a supervisor also has the ability to unlock a time clock. Once this employee is a supervisor you can go into any other employee and assign them their designated supervisor.
 However, doing this does not give this employee access to log in as a supervisor. If that is your goal, you will need to give him a supervisor role to log in. (Click here to learn how to set up a supervisor role.)
 Note: If you want to set up an employee to only be able to enroll fingerprints see our fingerprint enroller guide.

Here is how to make an employee a supervisor and assign them to other employees:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Employee” tab. Click on the number of your desired employee.
  • Click on "Position and Rates." Within the box that appears check the box next to "Supervisor" and click "Save."

 In order to give admin privileges to this employee to lock the device you have to send them to the clock once they are checked "is supervisor." Here's how:

  • Within that same window, click on "Clock Info" from the left sidebar and select "Send Employee to Clock" from the "Select Clock Action" drop down menu. Then click "Go."
  • Finally, select the appropriate terminal from the pop up list that appears and click on "Send Employee." 
  • Once you make this employee a supervisor you can go into any other employee and assign them this supervisor by clicking into an employee's profile, clicking on "Position and Rates" and selecting the supervisor.

 Now you are done!
 Reminder: By selecting an employee “as supervisor”, it will allow you to group employees by that supervisor and that supervisor also have the ability to unlock a time clock. Read this article if you would like give a user a supervisor role to have the ability to log in as a supervisor.
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