Locking your biometric time clock will prevent your employees from making any unauthorized changes to the clock. If you run multiple job sites or locations and can't always be onsite to oversee your employees, this is especially important.
 Here are two methods you can use to lock your time clock:

  • Pick an employee to unlock the clock and check "Is Supervisor" in the position and rates section of their employee profile. Doing this will not give your employee access to log in as a supervisor, only authorization to unlock the clock, and will lock your other employees from accessing the clock. Click here to learn how to make an employee a supervisor.

  • You can also pick an employee to give reduced privileges to who will only be able to enroll in employee fingerprints. Once you authorize an employee as a fingerprint enroller, all other functions of the clock will be locked to the rest of your employees. Click here to learn how to set up an enroller for the clock.

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