As a business owner who has already decided to invest in a quality time tracking system, you have a wide breadth of data at your disposal. However, knowing what to do with this information can be overwhelming.

Fingercheck’s reporting capabilities allow you to easily pull up the information that pertains to your interests in a simple, easy-to-read PDF. To introduce you to Fingercheck’s data reporting, here is an overview of how to run a basic time card report:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the “Reports” tab. On the left, you'll see a list of many categories, all of which contain different types of reports. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to select "Time Card" from the list which happens to be the most highly clicked on the category of reports.

  • Once you've clicked on "Time Card" there are various reports already set up which you can run. The most commonly run reports are:

Weekly Time Card Report - This report displays the weekly time card data for all your employees, which includes the dates they worked, their punch times, cost-center specific information like department, job, task, hours, and their accumulated time, paid hours, and exceptions all on one page. You can refer back to this report whenever you want, and customize the parameters by adjusting the date range and the employees included. This report is great for keeping on-hand for audit purposes.

Time Card With Details Report - This report shows your employees' punch activity in greater detail, listing information such as the source (clock, web entry, mobile, clock entry), job, or task.
Paid Hours Report - This report does not display punch times and only shows the amount of paid hours for a given date range.

Employee Time Card Report - This report displays individual employees' weekly time cards with one employee per page. This report is handy if you'd like to give employees a copy of their own timesheet

  • Once you find the report you want to run, click on "Run" all the way on the right. We are going to run The Employee Time Card Report. A pop-up window to show up - if it doesn't, adjust your pop up blocker's settings to allow pop-ups from Fingercheck.

  • Now within the "Parameters Screen," you can select the data you want to be displayed in the report. Note the "Date Range" which allows you to set the time frame from which you would like data to be pulled from (by default it will be from the current pay period), and the "Employee Selection" box which allows you to choose the employees you would like to be shown. To pull up an employee faster you can begin typing their name where it says "Search Employees," which will bring their name to the top. Click on "Select All" if you'd like to include all your employees, "Select None" if you'd like to clear the boxes and tick the ones you want. Within "Advanced Selection" you have even more sorting and filtering options to customize your report by.

  • Once you click "Run" it will download a PDF of your report. Click on it to view your report. Here is a sample of the report we made:

You have now been taken through the process and concept of running a report. Some reports will be more complex than others, but the process remains the same.
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