When you manage your staff using Fingercheck, plugging in holiday pay is no longer a time-consuming chore. In fact, Fingercheck provides you with several options to ensure that your holiday payroll is accurate.

You can perform a mass entry and enter holiday hours for your entire staff, or manually add holiday hours for employees directly from their timesheet.

You can also create a holiday policy that holds automatically paid holidays that are applied to your entire staff as time passes.
The following is a breakdown of all three methods:
Method #1 – Mass Entry
This is an extremely easy method to add absent/vacation time for your employees and best of all you can cover your entire staff in one step. Essentially what you will be doing is mass entering hours for your employees. The process is simple – go to your “Time Card” tab and click on “Mass Entry.” From the dialog box, you will input the “Type” of hours as Entry and the number of “Hours" “Earning Code” and “Earning Type” you would like to apply. Then you can select the “Date Range” to apply the hours to, and mark the employees included in this mass entry. Click "Save" and then you are done. If you would like more detailed instruction, we have a full tutorial complete with screenshots on how to use mass entry to add holiday hours.

Method #2 – Employee Time Card
This method is ideal for entering holiday hours for an individual employee by editing their timesheets. First go to the “Time Card” tab, then select the employee you would like to enter hours for. Click on “Enter Hours” where you will then be asked to enter the “Date Worked,” “Type,” “Division Earning,” and “Hours.” Click “Save” to finish. See our article on how to enter holiday hours from an employee timesheet for more in-depth instruction.

Method #3 – Create Automatic Paid-Holidays

This method is best for companies that would like to set their holidays on an automated trajectory using Fingercheck’s holiday policies feature. For detailed instruction and step-by-step screenshots, you can see our full article on how to create automatically paid holidays, or read on for a more concise explanation.
 To begin, go to the “Time Card” tab and then navigate to the “Policies Menu.” Select “Holiday Policies” and then click on the “Add” button. Write a quick “Code” and “Description” for labeling purposes and then you can manually add holidays or import the major holidays using the import button. Tick only the ones you need or select them all by clicking on the main radio button. Once those holidays are imported, you can then add additional ones.

To set up the rules for your holidays, click on the “Edit” button next to one of the holidays and fill out the holiday rule information. For more details on that, click here. Following that, you would click apply to apply the rules or click copy to apply the rules and copy it to the other holidays. Click here for more details.

To finish, simply go to your employees' master profile via the "System Menu" in the "Setup" tab, and apply the policy, then click "Save."

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