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Scheduled Tasks: Post Hours to Other Company (POHOUR)
Scheduled Tasks: Post Hours to Other Company (POHOUR)

This article will guide you through the setup process for the scheduled task to post hours from one company to another.

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The Fingercheck scheduled task "POHOUR" allows you to efficiently send punch information from one company (Origination Company) to another company (Destination Company) in Fingercheck. This is a valuable feature when you manage multiple companies within Fingercheck and need to centralize your time and attendance data. To make the most of this feature, you'll need to configure several job parameters.

Please note that this article focuses solely on providing instructions for the action type. If you need guidance on setting up a scheduled task, you can refer to our dedicated article on scheduling tasks, which can be found here.

Job Parameters Configuration

Before you can successfully use the "POHOUR" scheduled task, you must configure the following job parameters:

  • Destination Company:

    • The Destination Company refers to the company code of the company where you want to copy the punch data. Ensure you have the necessary access rights to this destination company. This is the company that will receive the punch data.

  • DestinationAPIKey:

    • To obtain the DestinationAPIKey:

      1. Log in as an administrator to the Destination Company

      2. Go to "Account and Preferences"

      3. Generate an API key in the respective settings

  • DestinationClientSecretKey:

    • Similar to the DestinationAPIKey, you can obtain the DestinationClientSecretKey by:

      1. Log in as an administrator to the Destination Company

      2. Navigating to "Account and Preferences"

      3. Generate the client secret key within the API settings

  • PunchNote:

    • This is an optional field that allows you to include a note with all punches posted to the Destination Company using this scheduled task. This can be helpful for providing additional context or information.

  • ReportCode:

    • The ReportCode specifies the report code for the company you're posting from (Origination Company).

    • Ensure that the report is in Excel format, not a PDF.

    • The report may have required and optional fields for proper processing, including:

      1. Add the fields here.

  • Notification Email:

    • In the event that the scheduled task fails, you can specify an email address to receive notifications about the failure.


If you encounter any issues or errors while using the "POHOUR" scheduled task, check the following:

  • Ensure that the job parameters are correctly configured and the API keys are valid.

  • Verify that the report in the Origination Company is in the required Excel format.

  • Double-check the notification email to receive notifications of any task failures.

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