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Introduction to Policies
Introduction to Policies

Fingercheck's policy management allows customization, policy hierarchy, and overrides for efficient management in complex organizations.

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Discover how Fingercheck's policy management system streamlines workforce management, empowering organizations to establish and enforce rules effortlessly.

Understanding Policies

Fingercheck's policy management system allows organizations to define specific rules and guidelines for various aspects such as breaks, overtime calculations, holidays, PTO (paid time off), and more. These policies serve as the digital representation of the company's rules and are seamlessly integrated into Fingercheck's workforce management software. By configuring policies within Fingercheck, organizations can ensure accurate and consistent implementation of their established guidelines, promoting compliance, fair practices, and efficient workforce management.

The Role of Profiles

In Fingercheck's policy management system, administrators can assign specific policies to each employee, defining their individual rules and guidelines. By setting policies for each employee, organizations inform the system of the specific rules applicable to that individual, ensuring accurate implementation and adherence to their unique requirements. This granular approach enables precise policy enforcement, promoting compliance and tailored workforce management within Fingercheck's comprehensive software solution.

The Power of Master Profiles

To streamline policy management, Fingercheck introduces the concept of master profiles. A master profile acts as a template that encompasses a predefined set of policies applicable to a specific group or category of employees. This allows organizations to create standardized profiles with the required policies already assigned, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in individually configuring each employee's profile. Master profiles also ensure consistency in policy application across similar roles or departments, promoting fairness and equal treatment within the organization.

Overlapping Policies and Policy Hierarchy

In Fingercheck's policy management system, administrators can override the policies set in the master profile on an individual employee's profile. This allows for personalized policy configurations based on unique circumstances.

Furthermore, Fingercheck enables administrators to establish policy prioritization within schedule shifts. Conflicting policies are resolved by prioritizing the designated highest priority policy. This ensures accurate and consistent policy application.

For complex organizational structures, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of policy hierarchy based on factors such as master profiles, employee profiles, job/department specifications, and more.

By leveraging these capabilities, Fingercheck empowers organizations to customize policies, optimize workforce management, and ensure compliance. Administrators should possess a comprehensive understanding of policy enforcement to navigate complex scenarios effectively.


Fingercheck's policy management system offers a robust and user-friendly solution for organizations seeking to streamline their workforce management processes. By leveraging policies, profiles, master profiles, and the ability to handle overlapping policies, Fingercheck empowers employers to enforce rules efficiently, ensure compliance, and maintain a fair and productive work environment. With Fingercheck, organizations can save time, reduce administrative burden, and focus on strategic initiatives that drive their success. Embracing Fingercheck's policies module is a step towards optimizing workforce management and fostering operational excellence.

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