The easiest way to pay a one-time reimbursement is through a negative deduction, which is a modified, post-tax deduction that, unlike a typical deduction, adds an amount to an employee's pay instead of deducting it. While other methods exist for paying a reimbursement, a negative deduction can be manually added during payroll to any employee's check, which makes reimbursement simple. Here's how to make a negative deduction (and how to actually apply it during payroll):

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the "Setup" tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select "Payroll Menu."

  • Within the "Payroll Menu," go to "Deductions" and click on the blue "Add" button to add a new deduction.

  • Let's assign the Code "REIMB" and enter "Reimbursement" for the Short Description. You can name the "Description" anything you want -- we'll just copy our Short Description. By "Tax Type," select O-Post Tax, by "Frequency," select Weekly, then at "Force to Negative Amount", check the box to enable it. Then click "Save."

  • Now you have created your deduction! The next step is to learn how to add this deduction to payroll in order to reimburse your employee. Let's run the payroll.

  • Within Step 4, "Payroll Entry," click on the ^ next to the employee's name you would like to reimburse and click on "Edit Check."

  • In order to enter values into the editable fields, click on the "+" sign next to "Deductions." Once you've done that, it's time to enter the deduction type and cost. By "Deduction," select "Reimbursement" from the drop-down menu, and by "Amount," enter the negative cost of the reimbursement. For instance, to pay $100, enter -100.00. This way, the deduction will pay the amount instead of deducting it. Then click "Save."

  • Once you click "Continue," the Preview Payroll grid will display the negative deduction you entered. Since you selected "Post-Tax," the employee will receive the full amount they are owed in order to be completely reimbursed. Just click "Next" to approve payroll and the employee will be paid.

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