Are you a tech aficionado? If so, our one-touch fingerprint sign-in will be the next feature you'll want to try. You can now log into the Fingercheck Mobile app with one touch using just your fingerprint, no pre-selection required. Follow these steps to enable the feature on your phone:

  • Log in by entering your username, password, and company code and tapping "Admin/Supervisor" or "Employee."
  • Tap "Enable" on the prompt that appears.
  • Now place your fingerprint on your smartphone's fingerprint sensor.
  • Once your fingerprint is recognized, a success confirmation message will appear. You're all set! You'll receive a prompt to place your fingerprint each time you open the mobile app. You'll be automatically logged into the user role you were when you first enabled the feature. To switch roles, you can disable fingerprint sign-in, sign in as the other role, and then re-enable fingerprint sign-in.
  • The prompt will look like this.

 Simply place your fingerprint and you'll be logged in.

  • To disable Fingerprint Sign-in, simply go to "Settings" within the app.
  • Here you can disable Fingerprint Sign-in.

 We hope this new feature saves you time signing into the mobile app!
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