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How to Upload Employee Documents
How to Upload Employee Documents

Save employee documents for your records

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Fingercheck HR module allows you to save employee documents for your records. You can simply and safely archive important documents on Fingercheck's robust cloud servers. To organize your documents, you can create document types, which allow you to categorize the documents for easier sorting.

For information about how to map fields in a document with the Designer or to see who has viewed your documents, see How to Organize and Share Your HR Documents.

Upload employee documents

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator or Supervisor.

  2. Click the EMPLOYEE tab.

  3. Click the Employee’s number.

  4. In the Employee’s Personal page, click HR on the left sidebar and select Documents.

  5. Click Add on the top right.

  6. Enter the File Name, select the Document Type (optional).

    See the procedure below to learn how to create a document type.

  7. Select the file you want to upload.

  8. (Optional) Enter a note about the document.

  9. Click Save.

Create document types to organize documents

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Go to the SETUP tab > HR > System Lookups.

  3. Click on the pencil to the right of the Document Type.

  4. In the following screen, click Add and enter the Code and Description to label your new document type (for example, DocNote - Doctor Note).

  5. Enter a unique code and description.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Scroll down and click Save.

Upload multiple documents

You might want to create a "package" of documents for employees. For example, when onboarding an employee, you might have several documents to share with them. The following procedure describes how to upload multiple documents for employees to download as a package.

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Create a document type:

    1. Click the SETUP tab > HR > System Lookups.

    2. Click the Edit icon (pencil) for Document Types.

    3. Click Add.

    4. Enter a Code and Description for the your package of multiple documents.

      For example, enter Welcome for the Code and Onboarding Welcome Package for the Description.

    5. Click Apply.

    6. Click Save.

  3. Go to HR > Documents.

  4. Add the document:

    1. Click Add.

    2. Enter a File Name and Description.

    3. Select the file.

    4. Select the checkboxes as needed. (See How to Organize and Share Your HR Documents for details about each checkbox.)

    5. From the Form Type drop-down list, select the section where you want to place your document.

    6. From the Document Type drop-down list, select the document type you created.

    7. Click Save.

  5. To share the file with an employee you want to:

    1. Go to the EMPLOYEES tab.

    2. Click New Employee.

    3. Complete the fields on the first page.

    4. On the Agreements Selection section on the first page, select the documents, and continue the onboarding process.

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions on this article's topic, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or use the chat option below.


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