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How to Create and Manage Onboarding Documents
How to Create and Manage Onboarding Documents

Manage onboarding documents in Fingercheck with ease; upload, organize, and utilize document types for streamlined processes.

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Efficiently organizing and sharing onboarding documents is crucial for smooth operations. Fingercheck provides a comprehensive solution to upload, categorize, and distribute onboarding documents seamlessly.

Create onboarding documents

To create an onboarding document in Fingercheck, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Fingercheck account as an Administrator.

  2. Navigate to the SETUP tab > HR > Documents.

  3. Click "Add" to initiate the creation of a new onboarding document.

  4. Fill in the document fields (See below)

  5. Save the document.

Document Fields:

  • File Name: Enter a name for the document, e.g., "Employee Handbook."

  • File Description: Add a brief description of the document.

  • Select File: Upload the document file from your device. If you want employees to fill out specific fields, upload a document with fillable fields.

  • Document mode: Select "Fillable" to design the document, or select "Read-only" to generate a document that can only be viewed.

  • Require Employee to Upload File: By checking the "Require Employee to Upload File" box, you can make it mandatory for employees to upload the document during onboarding. If you upload a file, the employee will have the option to download it, sign it, and then re-upload it.

  • Share With Employee: Check this box to make the document accessible to employees within Fingercheck.

  • Send To Employee: Check this box to send the document to employees via email after it has been reviewed and signed.

  • Form Type: Select "Onboarding" to designate where the document should be placed for onboarding purposes.

  • Document Type: Select the appropriate document type if you have created specific categories for further organization. (Learn More)

  • Start Date: Specify the date from which the document should be made available.

  • End Date: Optionally, specify the date until which the document should remain available. Enter a far future date like "1/1/2099" if there is no end date.

Customize onboarding documents

The document designer lets you add pre-defined fields to your onboarding documents. This can easily be done by editing the document mode for the onboarding document.

Document mode

The document mode allows you to update the form from being a read-only to a fillable form.

  1. Access the SETUP tab > HR > Documents.

  2. Select the onboarding document.

  3. Click the hamburger menu and select Edit.

  4. From the Document mode drop-down menu select Fillable.

  5. Click Save.

Document Designer

To design an onboarding document with fillable fields in Fingercheck, follow these steps:

  1. Access the SETUP tab > HR > Documents.

  2. Select the onboarding document with fillable fields.

  3. Click the hamburger menu and select Designer.

  4. Drag and drop fields from the HR data list onto the document.

  5. Add a signature field if needed. (Drag and Drop)

  6. Click Save.

Manage onboarding documents

To manage onboarding documents in the self-onboarding process as an admin or supervisor, follow these steps:

  1. Access the self-onboarding process as an admin or supervisor.

  2. In the first step of the self-onboarding process, locate the Agreements Selection.

  3. Within the agreements selection section:

    1. Choose either an individual onboarding document or a package of documents. (Learn how to create document packages here)

      1. If selecting an individual document, click on it to include it in the onboarding process.

      2. If selecting a package of documents, choose the appropriate package that contains the desired onboarding documents.

  4. Save your selections.

  5. The chosen onboarding document(s) or package will now be included in the self-onboarding process for new employees.

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions on this article's topic, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or use the chat option below.

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