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How to Generate an E-Offer Letter for an Applicant
How to Generate an E-Offer Letter for an Applicant

Customize and send an Electronic Offer Letter to job applicants

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Fingercheck offers a fully electronic offer letter (e-offer letter) to expedite and automate the hiring process. The e-offer letter saves time and money. It allows you to generate and send job offer letters in minutes. It also reduces errors by having dedicated form letters that streamline information and maintain consistency. Setting up and generating the e-offer letter is simple and easy.

E-Offer Letter Requirements

For the ultimate e-offer letter experience, we strongly recommend uploading your offer letter as a fillable PDF to the Document Editor. A PDF with blank spaces for the information can be used, but for the optimal viewing experience, a text-field-fillable PDF is best. Recruiting documents are a repository of your job offer letters to choose from and customize for each candidate to send as an e-offer letter.

The fillable fields in the e-offer letter must include:

  • Compensation

  • Letter expiration date

  • Signature

Fillable fields that could be included:

  • Company Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • First and Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Job Location

  • Date Available (as indicated on application)

  • Employee Type

  • Hiring Lead/Manager

  • Start Date

  • Today’s Date

Set Up the E-Offer Letter

It’s simple to set up the e-offer letter.

  1. SETUP > HR > Documents > Recruiting

  2. Select Add

  3. Name the file and give a description

  4. Select Upload Document

    1. Upload a PDF offer letter with fillable form fields.

      1. You can create a fillable PDF with Word or Acrobat.

  5. Select Share With Employee and Send To Employee

  6. Select Form Type as Recruiting

  7. Select Save

Design an E-Offer Letter

The document designer lets you add pre-defined fields to your onboarding documents. This can easily be done by editing the document mode for the onboarding document.

Document mode

The document mode allows you to update the form from being a read-only to a fillable form.

  1. Access the SETUP tab > HR > Documents.

  2. Select the onboarding document.

  3. Click on the right-corner menu (three horizontal bars) and select Edit.

  4. From the Document mode drop-down menu select Fillable.

  5. Click Save.

Document Designer

  1. Select the E-Offer Letter in Recruiting and open the right-corner menu (three horizontal bars)

  2. Select Designer to map the fields to the E-Offer Letter

    1. Drag and drop fields from the HR data list onto the document.

  3. Select Save

Once you have uploaded the e-offer letter with fillable fields to Documents, you can generate the e-offer letter to be sent to the candidate.

How to Create the E-Offer Letter

There are five easy steps to sending an e-offer letter to the applicant.

  1. Hiring > Applicants

  2. Click the right-side menu and select Send Offer Letter

  3. The E-Offer Letter Editor will open with fillable fields

  4. Select Preview after completing the fillable fields

  5. You can view and download a copy of the E-Offer Letter before selecting Send

  6. Click Send and it will be sent to the applicant’s email on file

After the E-Offer Letter Is Sent

  1. The candidate will receive an email with a link to electronically sign the E-Offer Letter and a reminder of the E-Offer Letter’s expiration date.

2. The applicant will receive a link that takes them to a window where they can sign and download the e-offer letter.

3. After it is signed and sent, the applicant will receive a confirmation screen.

4. When they accept and sign the e-offer letter, you will receive a confirmation email with the signed e-offer letter. It will automatically attach to the applicant’s profile in Fingercheck.

5. The applicant will receive a signed copy of the E-Offer letter for their records in a confirmation email.

That's it. It's easy and simple to create, modify, send, and receive an e-offer letter in Fingercheck!

Thank you for using Fingercheck. If you have any questions on this article's topic, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501 or use the chat option below.

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