So you have a file that you would like to send securely, to a specific Fingercheck representative. Well, let's get to it.

For starters, using the "Upload Files to Fingercheck" function is strictly to send files to a specific department or rep within our company, and is usually specified to you by said rep!

Now in order to do this, you'll need to log into your Fingercheck portal on the web browser (

  • Upon logging in, the web app always directs you to your Dashboard. Here is where you will find the option to "Upload Files to Fingercheck", specifically on the top right corner of the dashboard.

  • Once you have the "folder" icon, click on it and you should be directed to a new page that should look like this:

  • Here is where you'll enter vital information so that your document(s) get in the right [digital] hands.

    • Company ID: This is where you'll enter your Company Code

      • You can find your Company Code on the top left corner of your FingerCheck Dashboard

    • Notify Agent: Here is where you will enter the specific rep or departments username section of their email.

      • It is likely that you were given this information prior to coming here, in order to send your files securely

    • Select file(s): Pressing this button will allow you to attach whichever files you wish to send over.

      • Attach your files BEFORE uploading your files!

    • Upload Files: Once you have entered your company ID, the username section of the rep or departments email you are sending these files to, and said files have been attached, click Upload Files in order to upload and send said files!

  • Once that green Upload Files button has been hit, you will see the following window:

If you see this window above, then you are done! Your files have been uploaded and sent successfully. Now let us do OUR magic.

If you have any further questions on this subject, you can reach out to our team at 1-800-610-9501, or, use our in-app messaging feature by logging into our secure site and initiating a conversation.

To learn more about our cost-effective and user-friendly cloud-based time and attendance software, check out our website at Interested in our services? Sign up for a 30-day free trial and get started with Fingercheck today.

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