You can customize groupings of employees and assign them to specific administrators and supervisors within Fingercheck to view and edit so that they can only see and monitor the employees you want them to. The following example illustrates the steps you would take to create a filter:

  • Log onto your Fingercheck account and go to the "Setup" tab. From the drop-down menu on the top left of the page, select "Security Menu."

  • Select "User Filters" from the "Security Menu" and click on the blue "Add" button.

  • Enter a code (title) and description for your filter. Check "Show as Filter" to activate the filter for employees in the system. Once you're done, click on the gray "Add" button below.

  • Next, fill in the "Filter Details" with the specifications of the filter you're building. The first field, "Filter On" asks you to select the category the filter applies to. In this instance, we are choosing to filter all night shift workers so we would choose "Department."

  • The "Operator" field asks you to choose "Equal To" or "Not Equal To." "Equal To" means that you want to select that category and "Not Equal To" means you want to select everything but that category.

  • Within the "Value" field enter the value for that category. The field will initially appear blank, but once you click on it, a list of values will pop up according to the "Filter on" category you entered. We selected the "Department" so our list of Departments has been pulled up. Select the specific value you are applying the filter to. 

  • ​Since you can add more than one filter, select "And" or "Or." Choose "And" if you would like to have this filter work in conjunction with another filter or "Or" if you want this filter to work only when another one isn't.

  • Finish by clicking "Apply." Now you can see your filter. (Note: if you have multiple filters you can use the drop-down menus to pull up the filters you'd like to look at). To apply a filter to an employee, click on "Security Users."

  • Select an employee.

  • Click on the + sign by "User Filters" to expand the tab.

  • Now you can add the filter.

It's that simple!

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